I bought a new mobile phone. it is a PHS.


It is a release date of Tiger today. It was a terrible procession though I went to the Apple store in Ginza. It did not have the appearance that decreased in 30 minutes.

Tiger At Apple Store

Also in nearby Bic Camera and Sofmap, the Tiger sale event was held.

Tiger at Sofmap

After all, I decided to buy Tiger from Amazon.

After all, my purchase today is Olympus Studio 1.2 that Iwanted.

Olympus Studio 1.2

The degree of freedom of the RAW development goes up by this.


To Chikuma city for a moment today ..seeing the apricot flower...

TO Chikima City

They were full-bloomed according to the trees though all trees were not full-bloomed . It looks like plum blossoms.

Apricot Trees

There was the princess procession. from Uwajima. They says that it all started by the princess Toyo in the Uwajima clan to have brought the apricot when she marries the Yukimichi Sanada in the Matsudai clan.

Princess Toyo

In the princess procession, the brass band is strange feeling to go though I was happy for the procession also to have the brass band.

Brass band

They are sake that I have bought.


It is wine of the apricot. It is apricot dew sake that used apricots in the Chikuma city.


I went to noodle stadium 2 in Canal-City as I leaves. It considerably crowded.


The return : to Haneda by airplane.

Air Plane

I stop on the way, and went to Utsunomiya. Of course, I was eating as for jiao-zi.

Utsunomiya Station

I ordered jiao-zi too much.



I bought a bandit riceball as my breakfast. BIG!

Rice Ball

I came to Shimonoseki. It is local beer and a globefish. Globefish's fry without coating had the smell and was not good though thelocal beer was delicious.


It's Ganryujima. It is smaller than I thought.

Ganryu Island

Now, and I gets on the bus to go to Hakata.

View From Bus

To count up after I drunk with my friends is a noodle with burdock tempura.

burdock tempura


It is Onomichi Station. It is more modern than I thought.

Onomichi Station

I took the passing boat. The fee was 100 yen. Do they make a profit?

Passing Boat

It is a movie museum. They have enough contents to kill the time though it is small.

Onomichi Movie Museum

To the Mt. Senko-ji Temple with the ropeway

Rope Way

I was able to enjoy that there was a project exhibition of the naivete faction in France in a municipal museum in Onomichi.

Onomichi City Museum of Art

It is an Onomichi noodle. I had a Kakuni noodle.

Kakuni Noodle

It is Hiroshima. It is Tokyu Hands in Hiroshima. It the last Tokyu Hands all over Japan that I have been to.

Tokyu Hannds In Hiroshima

It is a Hiroshima style okonomiyaki. Personally, the Osaka style is good.