Since BJ-S300 broke, I bought the new printer. Although I used it in about three years, it cannot be convinced that the cause of failure is full of the waste fluid tank. What I bought newly is MFC-410CN of BROTHER which is supporting Mac also with@Multifunction. In this one set, it becomes a scanner, a printer, and fax and network connection can be performed. The driver software is good.



Let's go Kanazawa getting on the Thunder Bird from Kyoto.

Thunder Bird

I went to 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art that has opened. It was a very much pleasant contemporary art museum. But after the 21st century comes, I feel that it is long.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art,Kanazawa

I had HanTon-Rice, Kanazawa specialty. It tasted like something's missing.

Han Ton Rice

I also went to the Ishikawa modern literature museum.Kyoka Izumi and Saisei Murou come from Ishikawa prefecture, didn't they? I didn't know that.

Ishikawa Literature Museum

It is the Sky in the famous garden, Kenroku-en.

Sky in Kenrokuen

Return is to Tokyo with an airplane.

Komatsu Air Port


I bougth a Muvo TX FM 512MB. The price was about 20000 yen. voice memo, FM Radio and air-check.I can do voice-memo, FM-radio and air-check only with it.

Muvo TX FM 512MB


It is the Tennoji zoo after a long time.

Tennouji Zoo

Of course, the browser which I am using is Firefox (lesser panda).

Fire Fox


It is AppleStore. It is not in Ginza but Shinsaibashi. It was small than expected.

Apple Store in Shinsaibashi