I decided to plan and to go to Hanamaki.


It got that I considered and there was much snow in Hanamaki.

Snow in Hanamaki

It is the snowy Kitakami river.

Kitakami River

JaJa Nodle which I had in Morioka of return was not quite satisfactory. I thought that what was necessary was just to have eaten Cold Nodle.

JaJa Nodle


I tried to buy it because it was troublesome that the AC adaptor tied for the charge and the USB Cable tied for the image taking. After all, it is convenien.


I bought a software for the anxious noise removing named Noise-Ninja. Anyway, I purchased one with a high 16bit version. The performance is good. The ISO1600 mode of F601 becomes something useful by this, too.



It is BigSite and is Net&COM2005 after a long time. Of course on business. The finding employment seminar was held too. So there were a lot of young people.

Big Site