I bought Disk Warrior that I want long time ago. I had a little bit trouble in my disk, it good chance to try that. So usually it is not needed.

Disk Warrior.

I saw "Lovers". It was the movie of the eternal triangle.


I went to Apple Store Ginza.

Apple store

I went to listen to the live. I thought that Apple Store has such usage.

Gibson Showcase


I bought batteries of UPS because they were down.


The batteries in the UPS were made by Panasonic.

made by panasonic

I bought the batteries made by KOBE, they are compatible.They are about 4000 en cheaper than the original

made by KOBE


I saw "Princes and Princesses". The touch using the shadow picture was great.


I bought Leica Minilux because YODOBASHI-CAMERA had bargen-sale of it. The price was 60000 yen.

Leica Minilux


I went to Nagano.

on the way to nagano

It is Kurumayama Plateau.


The package of deodrant papers was swollen.

Deodrant paper

Of course, I hada a soft ice cream.

Soft Cream

I had a bottle of beer.


I was lucky and I was also able to take the photograph of a shooting star.

Shooting Star


I bought a TV-Booster because the quality of TV was bad after 6 distributions.

TV Booster

I bought cables. I spent much money.


I saw "Thunderbirds". It is for children halfway. I wanted more maniac movie.


I saw "Shulek 2". I had a hearty laugh this time because they had a lot of parodies.