I went to MacFan Night. I was one hour late on account of my work.

MacFan Night 2004 April

I went to the event without searching the contents , there were some product introduction of Apple and some demonstration different from usual. There was no usual deep touch of the event.

Product introduction

I went back home and I went to a parcel delivery service to pick up SmartMedia. Although it was the SmartMedia of 128M, the price was lower than 5000 yen even if I paid the mailing cost.

SmartMedia 128M


I bought a new digital camera. It is a previous model, but the price was about 20000 yen. cheap!

FinePix F601


I don't like the 3D technique, but I enjoy the story.


Because the firmware of Muvo became version 1.20.03, I upgraded my Muvo. Then,it become able to play continuously, even when "._*.mp3" which OS X generates as a Resource File is in it. But iTunes became not able to recognize it.


It is beginning of the new fiscal year. The number of last year accesses was half that of usual years . I want to change my mind and to try to update this year.