Because I want to connect to both of Internet and Flets Square at the same time, I bought a new broad-band router that supports PPPoE multi-session. The price was about 9000yen but the function is more sophisticated than the thing of several years ago.

Corega BAR EX


I bought a used film camera, against the times.Because I can't find good digital camera. some are expensive. some have a dark lens.

Contax 137MA


Virtual PC 5 seems not to be Panther compliant. They said it's the spec. I think They don`t know how to use the word.


I bought a Harddisk for replace new OSX. It is my first use of FireWire HDD. It's fast.

HDA-iE120 Harddisk


I watched "Kill Bill". It was good but looked very painful.


I have to upgrade a lot of Software. I'm afraid of Macromedia 2003 MX Upgrade.