I saw great approach of Mars by WEB today. However, it blurred. Therefore, I thought that I did not need to buy a telescope.

Mars on WEB


Blaster,my boss had the virus and I thought he was a blob. However, I saw the article of ZD-net and I was surprised at people with whether they had reacted so too much.
I think that eschewing affected person is low computer literacy same as having virus.



Since I like Johnny Depp, I've seen "PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN". The comical scenes were also prepared and there is the force of the image. I was able to enjoy it.
I came to Tobu Zoo Park to see fireworks. The merry-go-round in night was beautiful.

Flyng Jenny


The Dynamic DNS Client for Mac68k was released. If you like it, please, use it.(Sorry, the document is in Japanese)



By the Internet, I saw by the Tokyo Bay big Fireworks Festival. Although the force was missing, since there was no excessive announcement unlike live telecast, the image was enjoyed thoroughly.



Intel CTO said "Steve Jobs has made the wrong CPU choice for 20 years". I don't think so. Power PC is a good MPU. Especially,the low power that makes long time mobile computing possible is good. Why does he say such a thing about low market share MPU?



"Eggplant the summer in Andalusia", Is the scenario good ? It is that how to take between and words should say. It is recommendation.