I came Niigata after a long time. I enjoyed the BSN summer festival. Mr. Coba was playing his accordion.

It is YODOBASHI camera, which I didn't notice when I came before.Although the panels says the Shinjuku west entrance, it is the Yodobahi Camera of Niigata. The entrance is in the elevated passage of the Niigata station on the south.There are two floors.
It seems that it is referred to as 1F although the place which hits 2F is an entrance in an ordinary building.At any rate, Mac is also placed.

Although I didn't have enough time to enter Sofmap before, I entered this time. The area of Mac is somewhat larger than a YODOBASHI CAMERA.

It went also to the Niigata municipal art museum. The permanent exhibition was somewhat unsatisfactory although a Pablo Picasso's work was placed at any rate.
But in the admission fee of 200 yen, it is reasonable. The photograph is the object of the courtyard.
I forgot the author.

It is a swan stadium with the World Cup seen from the rainbow tower of the Bandai city.


Since yesterday, Apple Store called me, when called Apple Store today, they said my credit card was not available and asked me to call my credit card agency.My credit card agency said that it is because the maximum payment of the card will be surpassed if I buy 300,000 yen since payment of this month and possible payment of next month is over 200,000 yen.I didn't know that the limit of a credit card is not by monthly but by the total. For the time being, I decided to pay with another card. But the payment of iMac may be in the month after next.


Since the battery of my iBook dried up, I purchased the alternative. Since I was hurry, I went to buy it leaving our company earlier than usual. Rather than Akihabara, it is Olio Spec near Ochanomizu.


Olio Spec

It was made by BTI, with 19800 yen. although it was high, I needs it. Using private importation, I think that it will be about 2000 yen cheaper. It is not imported directly but from the regular agency,Gate.

After a battery was changed, charge also started perfectly, and the charge circuit has not broken and I am
in peace of mind.