I went to Edo-Tokyo Museum in Ryougoku that performs the "Soichiro Honda and Masaru Ibuka" exhibition currently.It was the first deep exhibition of the contents in a long while.

Honda & Ibuka

There are also all the past products and anecdotes of Sony.


There is also exhibition of the retrospective car of Honda or a motorbike.

Honda Old Car

It was an enjoyable entertainment.


It is autumn.

Colored Leaves


For the first time, I bought the MP3 player. Average Mac user buys iPod, but I selected NOMAD MuVo.
The price is about 20,000 yen.

Purchase reasons are that carrying a lot of Single CDs is bother and it can use as removable media. Since taking out data in internet cafe can also be used without a driver if the USB port is attached, it is convenient.
In order to put about 20 music into 128MB, when changing the rate into 192Kbps from 320Kbps, the sound became singularly bad. I hope 512MB type will come out next year.