I have seen "Blade 2". I was able to be enjoyed although the character's relationship is a little bit complicated.

But the speediness in the action used CG although were the power was not felt in it.

Although "Spider Man" was also so, I want halfway CG not to be used.


I came to buy IDE->SCSI conversion adapter to Akihabara since it was not found in neighboring PC shop.

The purpose is that a surplus IDE 30G HDD is attached to my Quadra800 server.


Otherwise, I bought the wanted cordless soldering iron from before, and I went to T-ZONE which became new. But there were only 2 floors.



I partitioned HDD of iBook in one day and installed again. However, some data has gone.


Since PC-BUYKING which opened till night 10:00 pm which were in the neighborhood was closed, I went to the PC-BUYKING Kohoku store.

There are few products dealt with compared with the place which was in the neighborhood.

Although it have not taken 10 minutes ,It took no less than 30 minutes in night. I have bought CD-RW in passing. Of course, it's for Windows.

The drive of CD-RW is NR-7900A made by NEC and it not been written by DiscBurner. Of course, Roxio Tost was able to write.



I bought TESSAR 45mm that I have wanted for ten years. It is thin.

Tessar 45mm

Although purchased for the India travel which goes shortly, voyage adjournment advice has come out yesterday (crying).


The beta version of SuperCard for OSX was released. I am glad. For details, Join the mailing list of SuperCard.


I was able to be enjoyed in the "Scorpion King" and the action & romance.

As I thought that I saw the attractive prophet, Kelly Hugh, before, She had appeared in "Nash Bridges."