Although I began to use Macromedia MX, since the screen is small at iBook of 800*600 for it and since the 1000 yen coupon of Apple Store lapses today, I ordered 17inch iMac. But the mailing cost of 2000 yen is expensive.


I canceled the mailing list service of Nifty of SweetPie and I moved it to my home server.


I came to see a live concert to BOXX. I didn't know that it is joining @Future introduced before. So it was difficult to find the place.


I went to the "digital image exhibition" currently performed in the photo museum in Ebisu.
It was pleasant, there were various works made by computer.
There is also a lot of short movies and I stayed for a long time.

Digital Image

I bought a new scanner. To OSX, although it is not a native, I don't have another choice. Although it is for reading films of the previous travel, D.P.E has not gone up yet.I tried to scan a film of last year's.

Canoscan D2400UF

Scan Test



It is Akihabara of a weekday.I left earlier than usual in passing to my friend's welcome party.Although I looked for the battery of iBook, any battery for the first thing is not found truly.

Weekday Akihabara


It is Narita again. Since my bag arrived, I went to take it. I can't wait for the bringing.

0721 Narita Airport


I watched Star Wars one week late.I could enjoy without thinking. Natalie Portman, she has been beautiful!!


I am going to go to INDIA today.I can't update in English for a while.


I bought a head phon amplifier.

Headphone Amp

Although the size was not known until it came at hand since I bought it with the mail order of YODOBASHI CAMERA, it is small more than I considered.

It is one size larger than a package of cigarettes.


Men in Black II has been seen. The sound and gag were powerful.

A lime colored iMac was used for a memory playback equipment, Deneuralyzerthat an alien made.


I ordered sound level meter from Radio Shack. Radio Shack, it is nostalgic sound. At once, although the name disappeared, it has revived again recently.

Sound Meter


I bought a Modem Saver comparativelyas a substitute for parking fee.

Modem Saver