The parking in Akihabara has come back. The fee is 250 yen per hour. It is convenient for buying JUNK.



I used the facsimile service of Nifty today after a long time. The service supports sending picture and the transmission by Web Browser from last February although I thought whether it would already be lost, since the usage was not found.


I have been looking for a data cable with the facsimile function for OS X and so I will need only data communications function.


Although I was making the guest book of this site, just as I added the last correction, a server error was caused.

When investigating many things, mixture of 2-byte and single byte character caused that. But a mystery.

They arrived instantly. The order of Amazon. One of them is Eijiro. It is the English dictionary which I've always been indebted to and supports new words. It is 1800 yen with the tools of Win&Mac and the dictionary data and has thickness how to use the tools and the episode about Eijiro.


I went to a YODOBASHI camera in Kinshi-cho after I listened to the live in Kameido. The store is contained in the third floor from the first floor of that building.

They have a lot of products. Of course there are new iMac , also software of Mac, high-class clocks, and cameras.

There was also a cable a lot.

There is also likely to be no necessity of coming out to Akihabara.

Kinshii-cho Yodobashi

After that, I went to Akihabara and ate the French hot dog of the stall which the French run and which I've wanted to try.

The feeling of crisp French bread is pretty good!! Please try, if you have the chance.

Since he is the French who can speak Japanese perfectly, don't worry.

French Hot Dog


I used the site of Amazon.co.jp today. It is th first time to use Amazon although I've used the Internet mail order of Maruzen or Kinokuniya.From books, I can buy also CDs and Videos with searching. That is fearful.

In passing, I was impressed the easy cancellation and addition. Usually cancellations need telephone call. So It is wonderful to cancel by one-click.

Moreover, since I stay away from home in many cases, it is also wonderful that I can merge so that what was purchased later may be delivered collectively.

I am likely to give myself up to that.


Today I was in Niigata . I reached by night highway bus. The temperature is 9 degrees.

Niigata Station9 degree

Also in Niigata, there is a Sofmap store. It is in the place which passed 1 or 2 bus stops about the main street in front of a station.

iMac SofmapNiigata Sofmap

It is the Sea of Japan after a long time.

Japan See

I entered an aquarium, MARIMPIA NIHONKAI. Feeding of sea otters and the dolphin show can be seen there and the admission fee is the adult of 1500 yen. For me who return before the show, the fee is high .

ActinanJelly Fish

I felt good with looking actinians and jellyfishes.


The snow of Fuji also already begins to become thin. After this, I am just going to return to Osaka.

Mt. Fuji


I watched The "beautiful mind" . An unforeseen development occurs and the story was uplifting near the ending. I was moved to tears.

So, Apple Computer came out in the last credit.Since Apple II had not come out on the movie, was Macintosh used as an editing equipments?

The long-awaited updater of Canvas8 had come out. It is Canvas 8.0.3 build 596. Japanese (2-byte character) is supported as the preliminary announcement.

Two Byte Enable


In last fiscal year, 4590 persons, about more 10% than the last, visited to this site. Thank you. To tell the truth, we wished for duplation. The page of the English version tends to suffer a setback, but the heart is reput in and we do its best.

Moreover, Many data was downloaded. The PDF of how to make an IIc mouse has been downloaded most mostly. I think that //c user isn't so many in Japan, although it thinks whether to be overseas one, I think that they cannot read since it is Japanese. If hopeful, I will give the explanation of the circuit diagram in English.

Download Counter

This site will enrich the contents of OSX this year. To pleasure