I began to shift to OS X. To be sure, the speediness was improved but I think that it is somewhat slow than OS9. Various software was improved. For instance The jar file of JAVA was also well opened by double click and the Appearance was also "Aqua". What I tried is a UML modeling free software "ArgoUML".


I couldn't use "ArgoUML" before with double click or command line although I'm not sure which version of OS X was available for it from.


Today is the releace day of OSX 10.1 and it is also the day with a user group's social gathering. Then, I have participated in the social gathering. It was a pleasant atmosphere thanks to happenstantial greetings of President Harada, some interesting presentation of the third parties and so on.

I was interested in the management of the character code and fonts in the function explanation of OS X 10.1. The management is taking in Unicode earnestly in tune with the standardization although Web applications, databases and professional creations such as imaging and pictures are well known as strong points of OS X. It supports Unicode most earnestly.

Moreover, it considers a lot of languages and seems that the style attribute of fonts is more varied than the former. Japanese characters as well as an alphabetic characters can be treated more proportional. I'll install instantly.


I bought a "StuffIt Delux" today to download from Aladdin Systems. The reason is because it corresponds to MacOS X and I am using "Expander" for long time and they has the charity now. The price is $19.95 till October 12.


Until now, I was using CompactPro all the time. In the Classic environment, I will continue using that. Now Mr. Bill Goodman of the author is developing Hi-NoteWin, a Windows version of Hi-Note. When I reported the trial, he replied that we want to develop Hi-NoteMac after Hi-NoteWin.


I've heard that there is a spec database of the Apple product from Apple I. An E-mail arrived from the following site today.


It seems to be the database of FileMaker.


I released PicCop Ver1.0 formally. The safety of deleting files increases because the delete is processed after confirming of the copied files. I added the option which handled the modification date of the files as the date for the file that there was not creation date on the file system of DOS.

PicCop (Picture Copyer)


I went to "WORLD PC EXPO 2001" in Japan for the first time. It was too crowded even as weekday. I recalled onetime Macworld Expo. There was a lot of Windows XP. There ware many paper bags of Microsoft at the entrance. Because I was unpleasant to use that I found paper bags of the Memory-stick.


Today's purpose was MacOSX. The place is that place of a familiar keynote speech. However, visitors were sparse and I was sad. So I felt low and I did not search closely other exhibitions. Thus I felt that I was low and I did not look for other exhibitions closely. In the booth of OS X, about 20 makers exhibited . There was the exhibition of OS X 10.1, but I thought that it was more cheerful if the release was started.

I was interested in that exhibition companies of Asia or America made groupes and are making the place of business development in Japan. There was an American embassy, too.

I watched "KIN-DZA-DZA!" in Shibuya Eurospace on way home. It was like a Yoshimoto new comedy, and I enjoyed it and had fun. It's unbelievable that the movie was made in Soviet 15 years ago because of avant-garde decoration,the theme of friendship and culture gap and so on.


I watched "The Road Home" that I had failed to watch. The rental of the video already begins, but the reason is because I wanted to look at scenery of Asia with screen. @Chang Zi Yi of "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon " is starring. I watched the movie and want to go to hear a sound of wind after a long absence. I cannot overlook "Rush hours 2" that Chang Zi Yi appears on.

I added the function to take out extension from file type and a custom icon function to PicCop and did it in Ver0.9.

PicCop (Picture Copyer)


Because a bug was found with PicCop Ver0.8, I corrected it. I corrected a bug to become an error when Filter was not set. Then PicCop becomes Ver0.8.1.

PicCop (Picture Copyer)


I revised PicCop. With Ver0.8, it is still beta release.

PicCop (Picture Copyer)


I send a email of words of appreciationto Rinaldi because I used a lot of his XCMD&XFNC with "PicCop", the answer came immediately, even though I made a mistake in spelling his name.



I made a file utility . Changing of file names and creators, numbering are peformed. It's hevey and slow because I made it with SuperCard.

PicCop (Picture Copyer)

I watched the special show of Gundam after Goshima Planetarium today. It was contents for around 30 minutes, but I think that Gundam fan can enjoy it because the scenery is good. Especially 3D of robots is good .


I watched the Russian program " CHEBURASHKA" for children on the occasion. It was good and I could enjoy it. It seems to go around all over Japan . Please go to watch it if it will go near.