"Sora no ana" which is a movie painful to the middle age. But I felt refreshed depending on the way which finishes being good.


I am preparing the development environment of Palm. I didn't know that the emulator of Palm supported MacOS X , although Palm Desktop is not yet.


I went to watch "New cinema paradise" in the movie theater with much delay.
It was the special show of a nearby movie theater. Music matched well and the story progressed at good tempo. This movie needs to watch until the scene of the last of the last.


I watched Dr. TERUMIN's documentary film "TERUMIN." It was somewhat painful for me as an electric engineer.


I have started Broadband today. My line is FLet's ADSL, the speed was between 500 and 600 KBPS. I could connect without trouble .


The upgrade license of Ftech4.0.1 arrived from FetchSoftware while I am arranging the software supporting OS X recently. I purchased Fetch of the Dartmouth university version. it was upgrade of that. The Dartmouth university version can also be upgraded gratuitously from 3.0.3. After applying by Web, it took about one week to arrive.



My Input method could convert "Yin Yang fortune-teller". It is a movie with the traditional Japanese theme. There are also Japanese styel love story and now-defunct Japanese scenes. So I feel happy that I am a Japanese to be able to see the movie with the sense of closeness.

But I felt the image not good and I thoutght the movies used cheep cameras.


I have bought a broadband router instantly. The router is made by High Waistline Brain Trust Network and sold by Canon-Sales. The brand is called PERSOL. I bough a PBR001 that has 4 ports HUB.


Since its design is the prettiest and it has a printer port and a serial port, I chose. The before-tax price is 9800 yen.
I've heard that, as for the inner board, the same product has come out of another brand. Although the throughputs is 4.6Mbs and are not quick recently, I think that it is enough for Flet's ADSL.
Since the router was not stabilized on ADSL Modem, when I would attached foot under it, the rubber legs wer contained in the packs of the manual.

My Feeling has gone to date 18th.


Although certain provider kept me waiting for three months and there was no progress, after changing to Flet's ADSL, An ADSL Modem arrived in three days from the contact. Date 18th will be the construction day next week. I'm just going to look for a broadband router now.

It is larger than I expected. about 210(W) x170(D) x40 (H)


"The Tumb Rader" which is the invigorating movie which I wanted to shout, "Angelina Jolie".
It is called speediness, is called how to fill in the time, and is good touch.
It is recommendation at those who want to consider as. I want the upcoming story.


"JURASSIC PARK 3" still continued to show,didn't it?. Since today it is the final day, I went to watch that.

It was the most thrilling one of three works. Since it was more powerful, I was happy to watch in a theater. I've heard that Spielberg threw this away and ran to A.I. --
this one is more splendid although that is right


"YAMAKASHI", its subtitle are like a modern Samurai
but I thought that it is a European Ninja.

Although it is the movie of good touch, if there was no name of Luc Besson, I think that it become not to be shown in major theaters.


I watched "The Rush Hour 2" today. Since it rained, I thought that there were probably few but it was very crowded. The price of a movie becomes 1000 yen on the first day and it was today.
I forgot completely that. Although it is contents, action at which it can laugh is increasing from the previous work.

Since the movie had some scene related the previous work, I recommend you to watch "The Rush Hour" before watching "The Rush Hour 2".

Although Chan played without her cuteness in the story, her cute behavior can be seen in famous Jackie's NG edition.