Since it re-installed and a setup also settled down, Toast was instantly tried on OSX. Although CD-R drive TEAC CDR56S of USB-SCSI conversion cable LUB-SC2 course have been recognized in the beginning, it became an error at the time of writing.
As a result of tampering with many things, it can write in now. I think that it was probably good to have increased RAM cash.
Does having been surprised acquire path information perfectly, if the music list of iTunes is dragged to the direction of Toast?


If it resets by freezing Ç€Ç∫ǻǡÇΩ's in case Toast is installed and updated, as the sector with the data of System of OSX became amusing, the drive of those other than OSX will no longer be mounted. Then, OSX was re-installed reluctantly. It was fairly serious to have summarized installation by update.
It appeared in MAC LIFE FOEBA. Although it thought that exhibition was main, as the round-table talk was main, since it was attached to past [ 2:00 ], finally it was almost.

Exhibition of the whole set of MAC LIFE which was the purpose, and the cover of the February, 2002 issue which did not come out were also exhibited. MAC LIFE of Ç or ǵ was felt fairly nostalgic.

Although it was the open party which was not able to come out last year, it has attended this year. It is pleasant too.

After Expo's having finished and taking supper by Sweetpie relation, the advertising curtain of New iMac had still come out.


Although it thought whether there would be fairly few people and the talk of Dreamweaver and Fireworks could also be heard, although it said the special lecture of Macromedia, it was regrettable in Flash Isshiki.

Although car performed to the trial today, and an extraordinary parking lot is the price of 1-time 1500 yen and Ç‹ÇüÇ‹Çü, it is in the state where it cannot stay for a long time 6:00 and early that a parking lot is closed. Although it also had the peripheral equipment with which èoÇǧ was considered at the auction in passing, it was not able to pass, while the waiting room of MAUG-J had not been known, since it was the first big site.


Expo begins from today.

As usual, a keynote lecture is a procession.

The hall is what arranged the pipe chair in one section, and the direction in Makuhari thinks that it was good.

The booth of an apple was large and full also of the demonstration machine and the man of full and attendance.
It has come also out of the shop and SOFUMAPPU was also returning this year. Since Toast was 5% influence, it bought it with 10999 being yen, that were cheap, and the limited special offer. On the whole, it was cheap at the Expo price.


Since the updater 5.0.2 of Virtual PC came out, Çh tried instantly. Çh have not been felt by the thing that there is a speed improvement by OS X.


It is as soft as the peripheral equipment which became unnecessary. I think that it will contribute even for the charity of this Expo. Please contact me, if there is a person needed. I want to deliver by hand by Expo. Incidentally it is now,
YAMAHA Net Volante RTA50i
ADB JoyStick
CANON BJC-430j+PIXELA H1, H2, with a USB cable


To people in the know, T-Zone on the top floor of HMV in Shibuya is performing the closing sale from today to the end of March.
Although I carried out around 8:00, it is the touch which has sold more than the half.
But there is already no loss leader -- dividing -- coming out -- it is preparing on a daily basis from the contents -- I want to see


While not knowing, the registration of the keynote was started. Instantly, it said and carried out now [ çûÇÒÇ∂Ç· ].


It was working on a holiday and was work during the morning today. It carries out to the event live after work, and is Shibuya to return. "HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH" Çå©ÇƒÇ´ better ÇΩ. It is recommendation even if it takes. Deployment of how to use an image, how to entwine music, and the talk carries out, and he has a way and no saying.
Then, it has noticed only after seeing old and new [ PowerBook ] carried out to Club and located in a line. Is direction of an apple different? If it is in the open state, does an apple turn to a top perfectly in the direction of new PowerBook?


I've forgotten to drink amazake!.


March was full, and since transmission of the mail address of Geocities became impossible, change of a mail magazine or a mailing list was begun.
It is said that it becomes soon and mail is unified although time passes very well after Geocities merges with Yahoo. Although it is said that the reception by Geocities can do after it, since it cannot transmit, change is among now.
Since there was no good free mail address, I added the second-mail of Nifty.