I can't update for a while because I'm going go abroad but if you can see Japanese fonts, would you see Japanese pages. I'll try to update Japanese pages.


An emulator of Mac68k, BasiliskII is good. Both Japanese and LAN are usable and it's practicable.

Because I had tested Executor, I didn't have much expectation about it? but it was the workmanship as I had thought whether I would buy a notebook PC for Mac68k after I tried to use it



I tested it with a PC of Athlon 1GHz in company that I work for and I saw that it has a practical use level with comparing with softwares on JAVA VM. It had dozens times of Mac Classic in most items in score measuring with SpeedMeter .

About integer arithmetic had about 900 times speed to exceed and disk accessing is about 500 times faster. It's over native Mac68K.

System 7.5.5 can be the still light OS, and there are a lot of differences between it and Windows on VirtualPC. I consider even Celeron 500MHz as usable speed enough. A problem that users using Mac68K have is the impossibility to make both CPU speed and memory capacity increase any more. But if there is even it, it's reliable for the time being in a place of gaining the third party's profit that AMD and Intel competed for. Besides, it's a free. I want to find a note PC that has an ASCII keyboard.


No one could access this site for a wile in oder to reconstruct the server . We ar sorry !

And we have uploaded the setting report of Netpresenz that is a Web&FTP&Gopher server. If you are interested in it, would read it please !(but it is in Japanese)