When it comes to Ishikawa-cho in Yokohama, Chinatown, Motomachi, the foreigner cemetery and etc are famous. But Engineers must not forget the Edison hall. Now, I regret that the tenants became a few. Whenever I visited to the Ishikawacho station, I had been concerned about the tunnel which appears from the station . I thought what is in far side of the tunnel. Then I went to Kurihama as fancy dictates .


I found a special thing to land also .It was in the flower park of the Kurihama.

I've heard that there are ferries which go to the Kanaya harbor in Minami-Boso in Chiba from Kurihama by Tokyo Bay ferry. These days, I wants to take a ship owing to the previous travel.


New iMac did not appear. A lot of people said that NY Expo of this year was dull, but I think that the opinions are an adverse effect of Macworld which is a festival.


The dehumidifier which it bought the other day was a thing of "Kankyo" which was famous for air cleaner and wich I've heard before. But This company is applied the Company Resuscitation Law. When big enterprises entered air-cleaner market, the standard of air-cleanliness ability for big enterprises was made and I heard that they are in the painful situation. But it seemed to be more terrible than I thought. Because they seem to be trying hard, I think to buy it a litle more .


I have begun to try SuperCard, but I thhink that it's for development compared with HyperCard. I am not willingly good than I thought.


SuperCard3.6.3J arrived. It was the update from SuperCard2.5 bought at a low price a long time ago because the advertisement of update from all versions SuperCard was written in MacFan that I bought for time killing of Northern Europe travel.It arrived today.

For the rainy season of sultry Japan, I bought the dehumidifier. But it is not large-scale and is compact. Since garbage came out mostly with the dehumidifier of throwing away currently used usually and it was worrisome, it is the substitution.

Seemingly absorbency will be larger than a disposable thing and cost will be cheaper than throwing away. The list price is 4500 yen, the price was 3580 yen in the YODOBASHI camera.

An upper right MO is for size comparison. A front bag is a dehumidification agent.Three bags of this are included. It is battery that there is beside that. For the time being, the fan with a humidity sensor is attached. A fan is not so noisy. The name written on the box is "weeny dehumidifier". It is a dear name.


When installing BasiliskII in HOLON Linux PPC, it worked perfectly. The software was made good. But It is little slow . The video driver of LINUX PPC may be not tuned up yet.


I have watched A.I. that I was looking forward to but It was a disappointment without being left out of examples . The story was messy.
So the speaker of sub woofer of HarmanKardon was used as one of the manufacture apparatus of a robot.