I started up HolonLinux after a long absence and tried to play. Because the Linux PPC binary code of OpenOffice have been released.

About Japanese it wasn't good but the completion was good.


I use KeySpan for HotSync with OSX, but Extensions of OS 9 seems to have disturbed HotSync and I had to plug off & in for re-HotSync. It worked well after I shut down OS 9.


I added the centering tag and the often used tags to HTML Assist for Jedit and upgraded. I want, as for the next, to also add GUI using AppleScriptStudio.

HTML Assist 0.5

I placed an order for Z12 (about 6000 yen) of Lexmark discounted by YODOBASHI .COM for Mac OS X, but I canceled since the arrival-of-goods waiting continued for 4 days.But, since I wanted a printer for Mac OS X and I ordered for BJ-S300 of Canon. Of course, I used YODOBASHI .COM.
The price is low and the point of member card will be added usual points even if I use credit card payment, and the shipping charge was free.One hesitation to buy it was that the white model for iMac will be releaced in the market in spring .


I went to Exposition "L'estampe numerique currently performed in Institut Franco-Japonais De Tokyo in Iidabashi today. Since there was a block on a railroad the end of last year, I couldn't. But the exhibition was extended till today and I went. The exhibition works were across the school building and the method of exhibition was interesting.


Since I had imagined ordinary fine-arts exhibition, I thought where exhibition would be.

I ramble along Akihabara. I didn't have anything to buy and I searched valued acquisitions. Although there was also a thing made me feel a strong desire for a while, since the size was large, it saw off.



Is it for the current of the times? CompactPro had become dis-con at the end of last year. Cyclos said that the correspondence to MacOS X will not be carried out, and the support etc. is closed although big update had also been carried out for a long time.


I brought the serial cradle home from the company and I tried on CLIE PEG-S500 C/D and OSX HotSync using KeySpan. Although KeySpan was recognized, HotSync did not start. I tried variously and the starting was carried out, but the timeout was caused in the middle of connection. Then, the connection was also made perfectly and HotSync also had done. Since the animation at the time of HotSync is somewhat slow in OSX , I felt the HotSync itself slow.But It was fancy.

In the meantime, it became about 2:00 a.m. Since it was unavoidable, I decided to see MacExpo/San Francisco.

It was the moment that I thought that having changed to ADSL was good.

The quality of image was not the highest but it had enough quality.So I think It was easier to make aware of the expression of Jobs and to listen to the speech than in the hall. Various things were announced, and the contents were substantial.

iPhoto is very well worrisome. of course,I'll buy New iMac.

After all, I overslept for about 2 hours. I zipped up the highway and came to office as usual. But my cold became somewhat severe.


The information of LCD-iMac was leaked,wasn't it? I am interested in the mood of Jobs in the keynote lecture.New iMac brings my mind to the animation of the light stand which PIXAR made a long time ago.


I noticed for the first time about Canvas8, it has not supported 2-byte character yet.

There is a check button of the setup but it has not worked. Deneba says that now, the Japanese version is under manufacture and it will support 2-byte character in the following English version.


An UML editor,ObjectPlant was set to Ver3.0, and was carbon-ized.


The software of OSX on hand increased in number now again.


I watched The "toy repair man" . Since the 1000 yen admission fee includes a drink of Starback Coffee and the movie is shown only at QFRONT of Shibuya, I thought it would be crowded. But there was not crowded. The hall is an enlarged home theater and the capacity is only about 50 person. As for the speaker, low-frequency sound had broken. It is show time for about 1 hour, and I couldn't enter the talk until the end.


Although I used Jedit as the main HTML editors recently, since I need some functions ,I made some AppleScript.

HTML Assist

For the time being, They are the script to add a DOCTYPE and to indent by HTML tags. I wish to add many things.


A Happy New Year!!

I went to a countdown event live in Odaiba from the end of last year. There was also lighting of a Christmas tree. I don't know the reason.

Chrismas Tree

Since I missed the last train, I went the first visit in the year to Meiji-jingu. As usual, there were many people and it took about 2 hours to worship.

Meiji Jingu