I upgraded Canvas 7SE to Canvas8 for MacOS X. Although I wanted Canvas8SE, Deneba said that the plan was nothing and Canvas7SE users can upgrade when I asked. Since Canvas7SE from the site is charge of $85 an the upgrade fee is 129.95, the total price is cheaper than buying Canvas8.

Although it is the campaign by the end of the year, the upgrade of Deneba is big-hearted as usual.

PicCop is recorded on "MACLIFE" of sale today. I will buy it. Moreover, although it seems that PicCop became a fine work in the contest of MOSA, the connection haven't came yet.

But it is bitter that my real name and my handle name are announced same place.


I went to Net.Liferium 2001 currently performed in Pacifico Yokohama on the occasion when I went to the live concert in Yokohama Marine Tower .



Although IPv6 and the broad band was main, the contents didn't impress me.

Although the machine put on the broad-band experience corner seemed to be the previous series of IBM , the OS was XP. XP is a fairly pop design,isn't it?

And the loan of mobile terminals and wireless-cards and the connection service of a carrying-in computer were also charge-free. But I couldn't clear the cash of the browser in the experience corner machines.Of course, there were not any cookies-clearance-application that a lot of Internet cafe have. Although Free terminals were good, I think that it was irresponsible.


I went to see a live consert at Landmark Tower Yokohama and I found a showroom of SOTEC.



@"Accidental Spy" of Jackie Chan, Since I came in the city of Tokyo by the private view of our company, I have watched. It was unreasonable as hard as possible, and the market crash was carried out also in Turkey. I want to have come to go Istanbul. Customary electric spectaculars were beautiful in the square garden in Shinjuku.


I bought a wanted ion generator from before with my bonus. It is National F-B04G1. It has also humidification function and air cleaning function. Although I have checked it from before half a year, the price wasn't down at all and No less than 1000 yen of the price are higher than the latest thing. However, since the air cleaner was performed with water and exchange filters was not needed, I bought it.

It is noisy. Even the quietest mode is noisy. I think it was slightly high shopping.


"Atlantis" Since I love ancient civilization things, I watche it. what may fill in the time to a slight degree although the talk progresses in a run very well. Although I was able to be enjoyed as it is, I also thought that Desney had better to develop it without haste because it was the centennial.


Today I was in Saitama New Urban Center. And the worried Saitama-arena. The front of th station was only developed, I think. The small floral tribute to George Harrison was prepared in the John Lennon museum.


Although I wanted to watch a Jackie Chan's movie, it was pushed out by "Harry Potter" and a nearby MYCAL doesn't show it.Then I watched the "The Yards", which keeps the darkness and the reality matter-of-factly from the start to the end. It is a social movie and I can't think it a U.S. movie.


I wanted to be under a charm on December 1st and watched "Harry Potter". It started at 0:00 a.m. and there was countdown. The ticket of the sequel was also sold and the sequel will be shown in December, next year. I believe that I will lose the ticket, if I bought it. I love the image that expressed the atmosphere in the world of wizard.