I thought about where the setting of gamma adjustment should be processed. I put the gamma adjustment file of the printer into the file "ps-to-printersps-to-printer.fpi" because the original fileter script can adjusts the margin of paper differing from my script and so I finished the problem of a printer for the time being. Today's news said that a heat dissipation sheet for notebook PCs called PC-COOL was going on sale. Since that's price is 1500 yen, I think whether I will try it for iBook that has hot palm rests.


About the affair that a middle tone did not come well with my Holon Linux, t outputted well when I set the value of gamma to 0.7. I came to know slightly how to solve the middle tone problem although it needs some fine adjustments .


About the Holon Linux of mine that came to be able to do printing, in order to make the printer into Plug & Play, I added two lines /etc/usbmgr/usbmgr.conf. Since the vender code and the product code came out when the printer was investigated using dmesg, it was added as follows.

#Pixela H2 Cable
vender 0X6b8 product 0x1004 module printer

Why the detected vender code differed from the code of BJ70M which had been written from the beginning ? The cable maker's code detected instead of the printer maker's one, didn't it ? And although two steps of Hubs were inserted when using usmbmgr, the printer has been recognized correctly.


I went to special show of "Suki". It was the movie which was distributed by Internet. It was shown by the DLP projector of Texas Instruments. The source was HiVision. It had enough quality to see and the story and the acting of the movie were also good. I would buy it from beforehand, and since it had appeared also in the movie, I bought it. It is the regular product of summer of Japan.

I've found pyrethrum coil style incense also. Now, it's able to use during a year.


I've be able to print out by Holon Linux 3.0. I used the first iBook+PixelaCable H2(USB cable)+BJC-430J.

Prior trouble :
1) Since the kernel continues being Holon Linux 2.0, kernel modules for Holon Linux 3.0 were not able to be loaded.
2) When Xircom USB->SCSI convertor was conected, it froze at the time of boot because the ibook can read the modules of USB now.

Setup :
The manual say to set /dev/usblp0 with printtool,but there was not such a device. Although there was /dev/usb/lp0, even if it specified this, it was useless. Then,

mknod /dev/usblp0 c 180 0

I struck and made the character device newly. I set the device to /dev/usblp0 by printtool, and selected BJC-600 and BJC-4000 for the printer (the export model name of Canon printer may become the model name to which 0 was attached to the last of Japanese model name). a setup of printtool ends, I re-started lpd. The next ,I hit

modprobe printer

and the module was loaded to the kernel. It printed out well now. However, a middle tone does not come out well as dithering cannot be processed well. This is likely to go well, when GohstScript will be customized.

Ex post facto trouble :
When the printer was conected across two steps of hubs, it didn't print, as the status of a printer could not be read.


Since there was a teahouse which microbrewing can drink when I was taking a walk in Hibiya Park before the movie "Red Shadow" in the Ginza , I entered. Then since the show time had passed ,I went to the "big camera" of Yurakucho -- "SOGO" was in the building -- for killing time. The store has collected so many that the big camera can treat, and the walkway was wide. Palm and Macintosh relations were also sufficient products offered. You shuld go, if you embarrassed with spare time in the Ginza. it is valuable .

Incidentally, although it is the way of the movie, it was poor for Toei Corp 50th anniversary.


I bought BJC-430J because the secondhand of BJC-430J was sold about 4000 yen in a computer shop on way home when I thought whether I would buy HP-840c because the condition of BJC-700J became bad. Because the head can be replaced with the ink because it is made by Cannon, it's reliable. It's a little persistent, but is quieter than BJC-700J. The printing is not good, but it is enough because I don't want the photo quality any more.