After a long time, the power of Macintosh Plus was turned on. I played "Super Studio Session" although I could not use it for a long time since the flyback transformer is not good.Although I have tried it on iBook, the sound does not come out. When looking for the updater, it had become freeware, and the version of 22kHz correspondence could sound. Lucky!



I watched the movie which was over of the screening in a new release theater again."finding forester", it is the movie which Sean Connery plays by a good atmosphere.

the story resembles a thing of "GOOD WILL HUNTING ". The director was the same, too.Matt Damon come out in it a little to the last one, too


A lot of site was caught today when I searched about "GoLive". So, there is much site letting "Welcometo Adobe GoLive" of a defoult page title of "GoLive".Everybody should change the page title.


The contents of "World heritage" were the Europe bison today. It is the animal which is in the label of "ZUBROWKA" ,my favorite. I haven't know that the Europe bison is in the crisis of extinction.


I went to CiscoWave in Japan. Since there were no charge for admission and many free lecture meetings by prior registration, I went there. There were many interesting topics about business because it was today when Internet was related to business
The atmosphere resembled MacworldExpo/Tokyo, but there were many people who wore suits.

Evening, Annoura-san came there after he finished the business in center of Tokyo. As busy as usual, he returned to Fukuoka by airplane of the day.


It was impossible to access www.sweetpie.com because of a trouble on a procedure of NIC for a while. We are sorry!


I have a thing to want in Cube not arriving yet.It's a bag that can receive a Cube and a15"StudioDisplay.


But,it's too expensive.


I transferred the price of Cube that is the machine only for MacOS X . It is the super price of the special set which Annies Craft prepared.

In fact, I intended to transfer it on Saturday, but transferred it today because all on-line stopped for merger of Sakura Bank and Sumitomo Bank.

The price is the same as the cheapest PowerBook price almost. I was troubled considerably by a price zone, but I want to use UNIX with a monitor of 1,024*768 pixel and still want that design.


4092 persons visited this site after installing the access counter in April of the last year. Thank you for your visiting!!

This year ambitious goal is "the system failure of iMac@Server". Although this goal is more difficult as OS X is strong, I wish to apply high load with many visiting .